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InstaSpot brand was created in 2007 and at the moment it’s a top choice of more than 7,000,000 traders.
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Over 50 international expos and conferences
InstaSpot is an active participant of international expos and financial conferences that are annually held in various cities around the globe.
9 trading servers
InstaSpot attends much to provision of the uninterrupted and regular trading servers` work, that allows distributing the flow of the customer orders among numerous servers including the intermediary data centers.
300 trading instruments
The section contains the list of contract specifications where spreads, commissions and swaps are indicated for every account opened with InstaSpot.
7,000,000 customers
At present, InstaSpot is one of the leading brokers on Forex market. The number of the company`s clients exceeds 7,000,000 people around the world and the trading operations` volume of InstaSpot is enhancing every day.
More than 30 financial awards
Perfect quality, security, innovative approach, and a wide selection of services and offers rendered by the company were marked by prestigious awards by business magazines and specialized exposition projects again and again.
Support for more than 30 languages
Over 7 million clients have already put their trust in InstaSpot. The number of our clients is growing daily. To ensure a constructive dialogue, the broker guides its clients through Forex in more than 30 languages.
More than 30 analysts
Thanks to InstaSpot team of analysts, you can instantly find out information on what trend is unfolding in the currency market. Having assessed the situation, you will certainly make a sensible trading decision.

Financial instruments

  • Our priority is to provide the wide range of services to every customer at any stage of work from new account registration to money withdrawal.

  • Trading conditions are rightfully considered to be among the best ones in the world. Traders have access to a great variety of financial tools numbered more than 300.

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InstaSpot Promo

Ales Loprais - InstaSpot Loprais Team pilot

Ales Loprais - InstaSpot Loprais Team pilot

For Ales Loprais, a pilot and PR manager of InstaSpot Loprais Team, racing is neither a job, nor a hobby, but rather a family tradition and lifestyle. The nephew of the 6-fold Paris-Dakar Rally champion was just 7 years old when he first drove a racing truck. He then firmly decided on his future profession. Today Ales is a winner of the Dakar, Central Europe and Silk Way rallies. InstaSpot, the title sponsor of Loprais Team, wishes the racer soaring victories in large-scale competitions!
InstaSpot Loprais Team

InstaSpot Loprais Team

InstaSpot Loprais team is a rally team that was created as a result of cooperation between the broker and Czech racer Ales Loprais. For the famous rally driver, racing is both passion and a profession. The history of his family predetermined his life. Being a nephew of the 6-time winner of the Dakar Rally, Ales decided on his career when he was just 7. InstaSpot Loprais team has been competing in rallies with brilliant scores since 2012. With vast racing experience complemented by fighting spirit and the ability to assess a situation, the team will meet any challenge to follow, including the legendary Dakar rally raid.
InstaSpot - official partner of Dragon Racing

InstaSpot - official partner of Dragon Racing

If it is possible to foresee the future of the auto racing, the FIA Formula E Championship is a vivid projection. The futuristic racing cars powered by electric motors give us an idea of cars which our children will be driving. It could be not too distant future for us! Our company is always at the forefront of the technological advance. Inspired by Dragon Racing, we are eager to open the door to the future on Forex.
HKm Zvolen and InstaSpot - on the way to new victories!

HKm Zvolen and InstaSpot - on the way to new victories!

InstaSpot is the title sponsor of one of the oldest hockey clubs in Europe - HKm Zvolen - a member of the Slovak Extraliga. HKm Zvolen is a legend of European hockey. HKm Zvolen is famous for numerous ice hockey stars who played in the club. Now HKm Zvolen is home for many members of Slovakia National Ice Hockey Team.
Trading on Top with InstaSpot!

Trading on Top with InstaSpot!

In 2010, two InstaSpot staffers set the world record for trading at the highest altitude above sea level. This achievement proves that anyone is guaranteed access to the broker’s quality services and products. So, our clients can trade at any spot in the world.
InstaSpot trader to pick up Ferrari F8 Tributo

InstaSpot trader to pick up Ferrari F8 Tributo

Holding a steering wheel of Ferrari F8 Tributo, you feel like a king of highways and fully appreciate the superior quality of the sports car. The raffle of the supercar from the legendary Italian auto manufacturer is in full swing now. The name of a Ferrari owner will be announced on December 09, 2022. The campaign is available only to InstaSpot clients.
InstaSpot in figures

InstaSpot in figures

The company has achieved flawless performance through its vast experience on Forex. The section entitled InstaSpot in figures will shed light on our achievements, victories, and tallies.
Miss Insta Asia [MIAY2]

Miss Insta Asia 2021

InstaSpot Company expands a stand–out beauty contest Miss Insta Asia.
October 1, 2020 was marked by the start of the 12 season of the Miss Insta Asia 2021 beauty contest arranged by InstaSpot. Even more gorgeous girls from all over the world! Dive into the world of beauty!
InstaSpot innovations: feel the touch of future!

InstaSpot innovations: feel the touch of future!

Forex Droid Fx Bot, a new member of InstaSpot team, symbolizes the striving of the company to provide its customers with cutting-edge trading technologies. Controlled by a company’s representative via Wi-Fi, the multifunctional robot has video cameras and microphones enabling it to easily move around, talk to visitors of exhibitions and conferences, project slide presentations and promo videos and also give consultations concerning trading.
Touch the Sky with InstaSpot!

Touch the Sky with InstaSpot!

A plane of large European air company Czech Airlines has a bright InstaSpot logo on it. A branded airliner flying thousand meters in altitude is the symbol of high-speed and easy trading which is provided by InstaSpot skilful employees.
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