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Every trader is free to choose a trading platform that better suits his or her trading needs. InstaSpot strives to meet traders' needs and offers several types of popular trading platforms including desktop and mobile versions. Check out a wide range of our best solutions for efficient trading.
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InstaTick Trader platform

  • The platform intended for making tick trades
  • 6-digit quotes
  • You can InstaTick Trader on a web browser without logging in the client area and installing an MT4 plug-in
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • For all types of accounts

InstaTick Trader is an in-house trading platform developed by InstaSpot. It is intended for making tick trades. Its key advantage is 6-digit quotes. This feature enables traders to boost profits because even minor fluctuations matter a lot when it comes to profit forecasting. With InstaTick Trader, traders can make deals and monitor market developments in a web browser with no downloads required.

Making tick trades through a browser without any restrictions
System Requirements: Any OS
Remarkably, InstaTick Trader is unique software developed by InstaSpot and available only to the broker’s clients. Read more

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