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Earn in partnership with InstaSpot!

Enter into partnership with InstaSpot and earn extra income by inviting new clients to the platform. Company’s partners are rewarded 0.1% per trade of their referrals plus a special commission on repayment delays that is 0.05% per hour.
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Why is InstaSpot your impeccable partner?

High commissions
0.1% per trade
0.05% commission per hour if a repayment is delayed
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Individual manager
We practice an individual approach and provide every partner with unflagging support
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Common language
We ensure support for our partners in 19 languages in the 24/7 mode
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We assist you to refer clients!
Beneficial trading conditions
Access to 40+ assets, including crypto, through e-wallets such as YooMoney and QIWI. No upper and lower limitations are set for transactions
For Partners
For Clients
Earning with InstaSpot is easy
Step 1
Register for an Affiliate program
Step 2
Invite new clients
Step 3
Assist a client in making a trade
Step 4
Receive a reward
Exchange currencies on InstaSpot without third parties!
Gain access to the all-in-one account system and enjoy a P2P-exchange in several currencies at a time
Terms of InstaSpot Affiliate program
Earn a double commission on every transaction of your referral!
  • 0.1% is a commission on any client’s transaction
  • 0.05% per hour is a commission on repayment delays*
*if someone from participants misses a transaction or it has not been confirmed for 24 hours
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